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So what is a Residency?

 For a stone sculptor a residency usually means -

Two or three days a week in which the artist leaves his/her studio in order to work very closely with a commercial enterprise, public facility (like a museum) or educational establishment - described henceforth as a venue.

 A sculpture (or perhaps a series of sculptures) or a sculpture-based project is commissioned by the venue to be produced or conducted at the venue, or at least to be strongly represented at the venue, with displays and publicity material throughout the venue. The commissioned piece will be appropriate to the venue, its values and its ambitions.

 During the course of the residency the artist will offer workshops to the staff or the venue’s public as well as regular presentations to do with the commission and about the art form being employed to produce it, explaining its relevance to the venue and its values or aspirations.

 The residency will end with the completion, dedication and installation of the commissioned piece of work. There will usually be a public exhibition held on site, showing the work’s preliminary drawings, maquettes, resource materials, practise pieces and possibly showcasing the artist’s other work too.

 What’s in it for the venue?

 Almost always the venue will be trying to ally itself to the public’s connotation about stone sculpture. Classical stone sculpture often represents civic virtue, permanence, imperial power, precision and timelessness. Contemporary sculpture is seen as forward thinking and contemptuous of the past or its values.

The venue will in all likelihood want to associate itself with and support an artist who is well-known throughout the region and is frequently featured in the Press both regionally and nationally.

The unveiling of newly commissioned sculpture is always a newsworthy event and usually attracts the town’s “great and the good” on the day. It’s great publicity!

 What’s in it for the sculptor?

 Inclusion within the venue’s publicity and media mechanisms – thereby maintaining or raising the artist’s profile.

Why choose McAlistair Hood?

McAlistair Hood and his work are constantly in the national, regional and local Press: most recently featured (2 pages article) in Berkshire Life Magazine and Craft & Design Magazine (2 pages photo feature). Local online and newspapers report on the studio’s output closely.

 Sounds good?

Get in touch and we can discuss the practicalities such as venue suitability with regards public safety, and costs.

You can reach me here via the Artweb contact form or directly at mcalistairhood@yahoo.com or call me on 0757 645 1844

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